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An 8yr old girl suffers life threatening anaphylaxis after eating peanut butter for the second time. Of the following which is NOT part of a safe medical management plan?

a) Measurement of convalescent serum tryptase level

b) Measurement of peanut specific IgE

c) Strict peanut avoidance

d) Prescription of an adrenaline auto-injector

e) Subcutaneous immunotherapy to peanut

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Scombroid Food Poisoning


Recently two Australians died after allegedly suffering from Scombroid food poisoning. This is a rare cause of food poisoning caused by eating spoiled fish. The toxin histidine in the fish is ingested and broken down into histamine, hence the poisoning resembles an allergic reaction.



Fatal Anaphylaxis

“I want to appeal to parents of children with nut allergies to make sure their child always carries an EpiPen with them.”

An horrific account of a young woman who suffered fatal anaphylaxis to peanut after not being able to access an EpiPen.

What are the three most important drugs to use in anaphylaxis?




Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/emma-sloan-dies-in-ireland-after-pharmacy-refuses-to-give-her-epipen-20131223-2ztn9.html#ixzz2oI4kiFlK