RCPA Part II Exam

This page contains links to study notes for the RCPA Immunopathology Part II viva exam.

Abnormal test results, interpretive comments and communication of results

Calibrators and Controls

Cell Culture techniques

Comparing two assays and Measurement of Uncertainty

Dealing with complaints, Laboratory supervision requirements

Diagnostic application of assay results

Discordant Results

Food allergy and celiac disease tests

Hazards and Waste Disposal

Interference in Immunoassays

Laboratory information systems, HLA-B27 testing

Laboratory Safety

Lymphocyte subset analysis, Levey-Jennings plot

Managing People

Managing resources and budget planning

Molecular biology and genetic testing

Monoclonal Ab reception, Mercury lamps, Molar solutions, Calibration

New Assays, QAP, Unexpected results

Preparation of samples

Reagents out of production, request fornewservice

Reagent recall, mAb validation, HIV POCT

Reference Ranges

Reference Ranges and Safety